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Laziness has refrained me from publishing the template for On Roll, my “trackback-driven”: sidebar blog. Well, laziness no more. I’m publishing not one, but two templates, and I’m giving this whole thing a new name, “Trackmarklets”.

h3. RSS 2.0
Here is the “RSS 2.0 template”: The template requires my “MTSwitch plugin”:
h3. Opera bookmark file
Occasionaly, I export my bookmarks so I can import them into my Opera bookmarks. To do this, I created a “Opera bookmarks template”:
If you’d like to get my On Roll links as Opera bookmarks, they’re available for download
Like the RSS template, the Opera bookmark file requires MTSwitch to be installed.
h3. Hints
Both templates should be pretty generic. The templates only assumes that you keep your TrackMarklet in a category named “Bookmarks”. If you use any other category, change the category attribute in all the <MTPings category="Bookmarks"> you find in the templates.
In case you aren’t already using the the trackback bookmarklet, you might also benefit from checking out the updated “IE-compatible bookmarklets here”:
Finally: If you want to do this, I strongly suggest that you take a look at Sean Willson’s “mt rebuild type mod”: – which can enable immediate rebuilds when trackbacks are received.

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  1. I’m still REALLY unsure how to do a full installation for this. Do you have an install guide? I’d love to get a side-bar type blog running.