The fat lady shut up: Opera 6.02/Mac

They said they might not do it after Apple chose Safari as rendering engine, but they did it anyway: Opera have released a “new version for Macs”:
At present, the release is Opera 6.02, but as the press release says, they _are_ going to release Opera 7 for Mac within a few months.

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  1. Apparently it leaves people with older Mac’s (pre-G4’s) out in the cold:
    Quote: they want me to upgrade my OS from 9.1 to 9.2.2 .. which is quaint since Apple`s rather user-unfriendly attitude has made Os 9.2.* incompatible with the older generations of G3 computers.. including my “brand new” Powerbook G3 series laptop…
    end quote.
    Too bad, both the fact that Apple obviously have made a decision not to support the old G3’s anymore, and that Opera have had to require support for an OS version without support for older Mac’s. Its evil little details that must frustrate anyone having an older Mac. (And should worry anyone with a new Mac, that hopes to be able to keep on to it for a while AND be able to keep updated on OSes and software..