The ancient art of MT-Do

Do your Movable Type skills measure up? Are you able to perform magic with Movable Type, and are you truly a master at MT-Do? Take the test.

6. Dan Black Belt

You are a senior among seniors, and you stand on the threshold of transcendence. MT-Do is not a way of life, it is life. Some of your achievements with MT-Do is something even your peers may have trouble repeating.

Take the MT-Do test

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  1. forget tae bo I have a black belt in MT do!

    I saw this on the :mtforums: and of course, I had to see “how skilled I am with Movable Type.”

  2. Just call me Donna-san.

    Is it wrong that I understood that this graphic was made entirely with CSS? I am learning, grasshopper!

  3. Another silly test

    Virtuelvis has made a MT-DO test Testing your command of Moveabletype… My score below; 5. Dan Black BeltYour skills as…

  4. do you know your type? movable that is…

    seems like amy is finding the cool tests these days…. my only problem is, i have no idea what the

  5. Thanks, that was fun!
    Marc (yellow, still reeling)