MS on Linux

My access log shows that I had a visitor coming from Microsoft. Which isn’t revolutionary – even their employees are allowed Internet access.

Which browser, and which OS did this visitor use?

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Linux 2.4.19-4GB i686) Opera 6.12 [en]

No. I’m not pulling your leg. Even if this is April fools day.

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  1. Opera 6.12 (spoofing as MSIE 5), on some sort of Linux with a 2.4.19-4 kernel for an i686 architecture.
    And remember that it is possible to change the UA string however you like.

  2. Of course I am aware. Then again, why should Microsofties fake their UA string *to* Opera?
    I’d understand it if they masked as MSIE-whatever.

  3. ??? It isn’t IE spoofing as Opera. It’s Opera spoofing as IE.

  4. I was a bit unclear. What I meant was: If MS indeed is using Opera, why aren’t they _completely_ hiding the fact that they’re using Opera.

  5. Oh, you mean the IP address came from Microsoft?

  6. Yup.

  7. I’m now accessing here via Opera7 for Linux Preview2, id as Opera.
    But default setting for Opera for Linux is identified as MSIE,
    for Opera7 as MSIE6, for 6.12 as MSIE5.
    That is not very unclear, he/she uses Opera as default settings.
    Am I miss your points?
    Anyway, it is interesting to read.

  8. The visitor, apparently a MS employee, is using Opera 6.12 on linux with default settings.
    That was really the only point. I found it mildly amusing and wanted to share.