Uncle Sam wants to bomb you

People find their own ways of protesting against the war in Iraq. “Uncle Sam wants to bomb you” is the title of a new song written by Norwegian musician Dan Hagen.

In an interview with “VG”:http://www.vg.no/, he says (Rough translation from Norwegian):

I’m going to send this song to The White House, to the Pentagon HQ, to the CIA and to the secretary of Defense; Donald Rumsfeld – If I dare

He encourages other anti-war artists to do the same.
You can “read his own statement”:http://www.danhagen.net/main.htm, “download the MP3”:http://www.danhagen.net/Uncle%20Sam%20Wants%20To%20Bomb%20You.mp3 and “read the lyrics”:http://www.danhagen.net/Lyrics%209.htm.

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