The rumours are true

Yes, I have a life, it’s just that I usually choose not to write about it. But extraordinary circumstances have arisen. So, I’m going to write something personal. But not about me.

I have a girlfriend. She’s fantastic. Intelligent, frighteningly so. Gentle, kind. I may even, somewhere along the line, have said that God would screw royally up if He didn’t let her in.
_And_ she’s a terrific writer – she’s actually so good that I hope she someday will write a book, or _the_ book, if you will (“All J.D. Salinger-style, ofcourse”, he said, tounge firmly planted in left cheek).
Besides establishing to you readers that have this girlfriend, and love her, why am I telling you about her? Well, I mentioned to her once or twice, or maybe, uh, ten times, that she deserves a larger audience than the Norwegian blogosphere. Eventually, she caved. So here she is, all the way from Oslo, Norway: Lill Kristin Syversen’s Worldtour(etta). *Enjoy!*

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  1. Awww 🙂
    I love you too, of course.