Summary Stylesheet

At times, I don’t have too much time for browsing, and just want a quick overview on what’s on a page.
For these times, I have created a “Summary stylesheet”: that hides _everything_ on a page, and reenables display of some very specific content.
* Page title.
* Headings h1–h6. The heading level is indicated.
* The two paragraphs following any heading.
The stylesheet should work in all browsers supporting user stylesheets and generated content.
If you want to improve on this, feel free.
If you want to use this stylesheet in Opera, copy the file to %Opera%/Styles/user directory, and modify the file Opera6def.ini in the main Opera directory to include the file. Locate the [Local CSS Files] section and add:

Name 13=Summary
File 13=C:\Program Files\Opera7\styles\user\summary.css

Change the path to reflect your Opera installation directory.
The license terms are in the CSS[Cascading Style Sheets] file, but I’ll repeat it here for convenience: “Creative Commons Attribution License”:

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  1. Jor

     /  2003-03-10

    If you use Opera 7.02 or later, you should edit the [Local CSS Files] section in Opera6.ini instead.
    If this entry appears in Opera6.ini any changes made to Opera6def.ini will have no effect.

  2. Hi,

    I spoke about your CSS on a French page Lecture rapide avec CSS.