Opera 6/7 vulnerability

According to “this announcement”:http://lists.insecure.org/lists/bugtraq/2003/Mar/0163.html Opera 6/7 is vulnerable to what seems like a buffer overflow attack, and occurs because Opera does not check filename length when downloading files.
According to Norwegian “digi.no”:http://www.digi.no, “Opera will have Opera 7.03 ready for download later today, or early tomorrow”:http://www.digi.no/php/art.php?id=86586.
According to Danish security company “Secunia”:http://www.secunia.dk/ “an exploit is already in the wild”:http://www.secunia.dk/advisories/8272/.
*Update (2003-03-13):* Opera fixes their vulnerabilities at breakneck speed. Late last night, “Opera released Opera 7.03”:http://www.opera.com/windows/changelogs/703/, addressing the issues raised.

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