Born-again phone

I want stuff that works.
Not like my Ericsson mobile phone that just decided to _stop_ working. Less than two months ago, I felt the phone’s last sign of life as it started vibrating furiously in my pocket, and was dead by the time I had gotten it out of my pocket.

I thought it might just have been the battery that was empty, and took the thing home to have it recharged. No reaction though. Ok, so the charger died, I thought, and tested with the other two chargers I have lying around. No reaction.
Because I didn’t have the receipt at hand, I just left the phone for dead, until yesterday, when I actually got around to locating the box and the receipt, so I could have this dead piece of plastic serviced or replaced.
I decided to try one last time to turn the cursed thing on, and it _just worked_.
I’m flabbergasted. Happy, but flabbergasted.

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