I’m in the process of redesigning. This basically means I won’t be updating or adding content for a few days.
Why am I redesigning? Well, I launched this blog basically because I was tired of writing technical/webstuff only for Norwegians, and did this site in a hurry, conveniently reusing all the templates from my Norwegian blog. Since this place, and that place are taking different directions, I also think it’s by high time they had a different profile.

How am I redesigning? Everything is going to be XHTML 1.0 Strict. Some of you might ask why I’m not going for XHTML 1.1, and the reason is simple: While I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and create something that doesn’t accomodate MSIE CSS fallacies to create something that is just as visually appealing in that browser, I’m still not going to deny the MSIE-users the content. So I’m sticking with something I acceptably can send as text/html.
And yes, as far as possible, I’m going to drop <span> and <div>, and use CSS to style according to context. With adjacent and sibling selectors. And no: I will not be using CSS hiding tricks.
So, if you come in here, and find the site looking a bit weird, or if stuff is unstyled, you know why. It’s either because you enter at some precisely weird moment of rebuilding, or you’re visiting with a browser that gets the content, but not the layout.

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