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Prefetching with <link> harmful

I’ve noticed that Mozilla wants to add prefetch as an attribute value for – and I’ve also noticed that it is even mentioned in the current XHTML 2.0 draft.

HTML validity factor: 0.007

Norwegian Dagfinn R. Parnas has written a Master thesis on How to cope with incorrect HTML (it is also available as Postscript). One of the more interesting facts of his thesis is this: He sampled a total of 2 500 000 documents from the Open Directory Project, and found that only 0.7 % of these […]

Transparent PNG

Quick tutorial/demo to show how 24-bit PNGs can be used to create transparency effects on web pages.

Ignoring browsers

Is giving Internet Explorer 6 the Netscape 4 treatment, hiding all styles, appropriate?

The browser wars are here (again)

On measuring current browser popularity by counting browser downloads instead of looking at access logs