So, 2010 passed, and it’s time to sum up the year, and plan the next one. First, here’s the summary of 2010 (it’s all about running, I’m afraid):

  1. In total, I ran 533.8 km through the year
  2. On April 24th, I finished my first 10km race in 53:05. I had set no other goal than to finish, hopefully in less than an hour.
  3. On September 26th, I reached my real goal for the year, the half marathon distance at Oslo Marathon, which I completed in 1:57:17.
  4. In October, I bailed on a run home from work, because my left foot went numb on me during the run. For various reasons, it took me two months to get my running shoes back on. In terms of performance, there is a setback, but I fully expect the performance hit to be temporary. Either way, I’m faster now than I was at the same time last year.
  5. I started the year weighing 93 kg, and was down to 82.5 before that October run. In the two months since then, I’ve gotten a few kg back, but I’m still considerably lighter than I was at the same time last year.
  6. I gave this barefoot running thing a try. And yes, my shoes are awesome.

So, in short, that was 2010. Now for 2011:

  1. In terms of distance, I am going to have to cover a lot more than I did last year, for reasons I’m about to mention. Also, my running program is going to be a lot more structured
  2. Also, I signed up for a gym membership, to add in some strength training, at least during the winter and spring. I doubt I will have much time for it from May or thereabouts, though.
  3. Last year, I ran Sentrumsløpet in 53:05, as mentioned above. I’ve signed up for this year as well, and my goal is to finish in less than 45 minutes. This does however, require a more structured approach – When March hits, my current thinking is that I’ll be following one of Hal Higdon’s programs for this – either the spring training one, or one of the 10K programs.
  4. I’ve signed up for my first marathon this year. 42195 meters of fun. My current plan is to finish in less than four hours. I believe this is achievable, but, as with improving my 10K time, it’s going to require structured training – again, I’m looking at one of Hal Higdon’s programs. I’m open to suggestions here, though
  5. For some of the training runs, I plan on running to or from work, and possibly ride a bike there, as permitted by any cross-training plans in the program.
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