Experts Exchange’s deceptive practices

For future reference, I sent the following spam report to Google about Experts Exchange’s deceptive search results, in this case for the example query “experts exchange html”.

I’m a bit unsure about how to categorize this, but I guess “cloaking” is the closest I can get here.

The problem is as follows:

When you search for any page and a Experts Exchange results show up, and you click on the result link, the page Google sees shows up only under certain conditions:

If the browser user turns off referrer logging, the content showing Experts Exchange’s solution to any given problem is not shown or served to the end user. If the user turns on referrer logging, the page visited from the search result is different.

Exact steps to reproduce:

  1. Open query page
  2. Turn off referrer logging (F12 -> Send Referrer information using the Opera Web Browser – similar options may exist in other browsers)
  3. Open the first search result leading to in a new tab
  4. Scroll to bottom of page — note that no search results are available to the end-user at all.
  5. Go back to the Google result page
  6. Turn referrer logging back on (Reverse procedure from step 2)
  7. Now load the same search result as in step 3
  8. Compare the resulting document – it now contains the solution text not available following the procedure in steps 1-4.
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