Dreamhost invitations

I just received five “Dreamhost”:http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?73901 invitations. What are they? Quite possibly the best deal possible if you are looking for shared web hosting:
* Dreamhost hosting is green, “Carbon Neutral”:http://www.dreamhost.com/aboutus-green.html
* Invitation signups get four times the regular disk space for signups. That’s 2TB of disk space.
* Invitation signups also have four times monthly transfer. That’s 20TB. Which is, frankly, more than you’re going to be needing
* You’ll also be getting a $150 discount if you sign up for five years, bringing five years of hosting to $267. That’s less than what I initially paid ($382 for two years of hosting, back when I signed up a few years ago. Mind you, my net payment for Dreamhost is negative — the promo codes and signups have covered my hosting costs for a number of years now.
* Invitation signups for ten years of hosting enjoy a $200 discount, bringing it to $514. That’s about four nights of partying in Oslo.
* Dreamhost are also offering Google apps for your domain for free. In other words, use GMail for all of your mail, with your own domain.
As said in the beginning of the mail, I have fivefour invitations. The first five people who reply here with legitimate e-mail addresses receive a valid Dreamhost promo code that can be used during “sign up”:https://signup.dreamhost.com/. When all invitations are taken, my “$79 discount promo code”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2005/10/dreamhost-discount is still valid.

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  1. Thomas McQuillan

     /  2008-06-09

    Dreamhost, ja takk!

  2. Only four left now, I got a PM on “Twitter”:http://twitter.com/ with someone asking me for an invite.

  3. Chapata Gunner

     /  2008-06-10

    Can I have one too?

  4. @Chapata: Check your mail, you should have an invite

  5. Can I please have an invite too?

  6. @Mark: Check your e-mail.
    I’m now down to two invites.

  7. I’ll take one. It gives me an excuse to check out their Passenger / Rails support.

  8. Janne

     /  2008-06-11

    Hi Arve,
    I’d like to have an invite if you still have left.

  9. Janne: Check your mail
    One invite left…

  10. And, we’re down to zero — Sam Ruby gets the last one (His post got caught up in my spam filter, which is a bit overzealous these days)