Why didn’t I get to do this when I was twelve?

Dmitri Gaskin is 12. He’s a “core contributor to Drupal”:http://drupal.org/user/47566 — and, as evidenced below, gets to do Google Tech Talks before even being a teenager. Impressive.

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  1. Yea, he’s incredible. While I was his age, I was poking around in MS-DOS writing stupid BATCH scripts and BASIC applications. To be fair, there weren’t any web browsers available at the time and neither the DOM, ECMA-262 or Google were invented yet, but still. He’s a prodigy for sure.

  2. I second Asbjørn Ulsberg’s comments. I’m also terribly ashamed that Dmitry’s English is much better than mine. Oh, wait, he’s based in California so it figures. For a moment I thought he was from Russia. 🙂
    Here’s his profile
    Self employed
    This kid puts several grown ups to shame. 🙂