Which of these is a superior product?

Sorry, I can’t leave this just yet, but:
* Sony NWZ-S618F
* iPod Nano
On “technical merit”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2008/03/sony-nwz-s618f-review, the Sony is superior: Better battery life, radio, superior sound, not locked to iTunes, more accessible UI and a better form factor. It has one downside, though: The name ensures that you won’t get laid on Christmas morning if you give one to your girlfriend. “iPod Nano” will.
Sony, why couldn’t you just simply have called this the “Sony Walkman”?

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  1. No sex is good enough to sell your soul to iTunes.

  2. alex

     /  2008-04-03

    Obviously your girlfriend has bad taste :p

  3. That’s for shure!
    This also can be applied to iPhone and bunch of Apple products as well. 😀
    For unknown reason a name of product is very important to most of people.