I, and the rest of my cow-orkers are currently in a state of shock. When we came in to the office at eight, an extraordinary meeting was called, where managment made the following annoucment:
bq.. Seeing as Microsoft are working hard to obsolete themselves with Windows Vista, we do not see how their platform can survive for the next two to three years. Instead of betting all their horses on a deceased platform, consumers are going to be requiring a stable and friendly user experience that will last beyond the era of Microsoft. The increasing focus on Free platforms, such as Linux have wants to put Opera Software in a position to be the dominant browser, included with the most widely spread platform. Thus, we are announcing the following change:
Starting from now, we will free the Opera platform, and we will be launching the Open Opera Platform with a public repository of Opera for all platforms. We will also be announcing an Opera Developer Program, hosting projects based on the Open Opera Platform.
p. Read the full press release here.
*Edit:* If the rick roll wasn’t enough, look at the publication date of this entry

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  1. closed

     /  2008-04-01

    The first OS will be of course OPENbsd!

  2. LOL 😛

  3. Grey

     /  2008-04-02

    Hey, we’ve been asking you to build Opera-OS for considerable time now. You never listen to feedback.
    Damn you.