ACID3: Strike ninety-eight. Make that 100

Below is a screenshot of the [Acid3](, taken straight from one of our developer’s machines. It’s a screenshot of the builds we use to test core functionality in Opera (cue the weird, minimalistic user interface).
Yes, it says 100/100. I’m not going to say too much about it right now, other than send some Kudos in the general direction of the developers responsible (whom for some reason always seem to keep a low profile), and point to what [Anne said earlier when we reached 98](
Screenshot of Opera with ACID3, passing 100/100 tests
Note that there is a small rendering glitch left, but we will fix that too in due time. If you want to follow what happens in the future, [visit the desktop team blog](

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  1. Very surprising. I was expecting Webkit to finish first, because of how often they updated their blog. Opera came almost from nowhere. Congrats to the Opera developers!
    Now where’s Firefox in all of this?

  2. That’s seriously nuts! Just a few hours ago I was stunned to hear we reached 98/100 and the devs were still in the office hunting down the last few bugs.
    Mad props to them!

  3. Wow, this is amazing! Way to go, Opera!

  4. Small rendering glitch? I lost my eyesight peering at the reference versus your posted image. What glitch?

  5. RancidAmoeba: There is a missing space between the ‘,’ and the ‘a’ in the phrase “To pass the test,a browser”

  6. That really does make Firefox and IE look like a joke – 52 and 12 respectively is what I got…