When you are performing a “whois”:http://www.internic.net/whois.html search, make sure that you use the link I just mentioned. I’d like for the official Internic whois search web interface to be atop result pages in search engines, rather than a company that uses “deceptive”:http://blog.mindvalleylabs.com/network-solutions-follow-up-even-dumber-and-more-evil-than-before/345/ tactics to “trick people into buying overpriced domains”:http://blog.mindvalleylabs.com/network-solutions-is-despicable-never-ever-use-them/337/
“Thank you”:http://reddit.com/info/667ln/comments/ “for listening”:http://reddit.com/info/667v6/comments – now make this a meme, so we can achieve this.

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