Microsoft to acquire FAST Search & Transfer

In a “mandatory notification”: to the “Oslo Stock Exchange”:, Microsoft is announcing an offer to acquire “FAST Search & Transfer”: at a price of NOK 6.6 billion, or roughly “1.2 billion USD”:
A (rather fluffy) “press release”: is issued as a MS Word document. I’ve provided a “PDF version here”:
Without commenting further, I’m waiting for an influx of Unix/Linux people looking for new jobs shortly…

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  1. I know about at least a few guys who most definetly not will be happy about this in FAST :-)…
    Btw; pg3/3 in the PDF says 2/3

  2. Jakob: That bug seems to be in the original Word document 🙂
    And yeah, I’ve already heard rumours of FAST employees who plan on resigning.