A CSS backgammon board

One of the things I usually do when I want to get to know a new API, new functionality, or learn something old, is to play around with it.
Since “Opera 9”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2007/09/kestrel added better (read: Near complete) support for selectors from the “CSS3 Selectors”:http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-selectors/ working draft, I felt the need to familiarise myself with more of the spec, and a challenge from “Rune”:http://my.opera.com/runeh/about/, I wanted to take a stab at creating a rendering of a backgammon board using only CSS, and completely devoid of any markup cruft.
Without further ado, I present the “CSS Backgammon board”:http://virtuelvis.com/download/2007/09/backgammon/ using a variety of selectors and “CSS Border Slants”:http://meyerweb.com/eric/css/edge/slantastic/demo.html. Renders correctly in Opera 9.50, breaks in Firefox 2 and MSIE. Status for other browsers unknown.

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  1. Jim

     /  2007-09-11

    This works in Konqueror 3.5.7 but fails in Safari 2.0.4.