I cannot begin to express …

… how satisfied I am by “this”:http://www.emigroup.com/Press/2007/press18.htm
Now, Steve, here’s my wishlist:
* As much as you think iTunes rocks, I don’t. Allow me to download the songs directly from the web store. Please. I don’t want to buy a Mac, or have to endure the pains of Windows to be able to buy music. Please.
* Go and drag more heads out of asses, over at the other major labels. The revolution has come, and it’s time for them to join.
* Would you mind fixing the same for video? DRM is just as bad for video content.

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  1. I totally second your wishlist. Also lower prices would be nice.

  2. Fully agree.
    Moreover, I will buy songs in digital format *only* if any loseless format provided along with MP3, OGG or whatever…

  3. FataL: Please don’t refrain from buying unprotected content because of the lack of a lossless format. You’ll only be helping the DRMists: if sales aren’t actually better, they’ll just claim that the only ones benefitting from unprotected content are ‘pirates’, and vendors will go back to the bad old days of DRM.

  4. Arve, I understand all this… But why I should buy iTunes’ pretty loose (“128 kbit/s ACC”:http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93034) quality music?
    Let’s pretend I want to buy Chemical Brothers’ “Singles 93-03 [LIMITED EDITION]”:http://www.amazon.com/Singles-93-03-Chemical-Brothers/dp/B0000C7PSI/ref=m_art_li_1/103-1343310-4203829 (2 CD, 24 songs) from Amazon. Now let’s compare:
    Amazon – $19 regular price, $11.50 current
    iTunes – $0.99 x 24 songs = $23.76
    Other CDs can cost slightly more than buing albums on iTunes, but don’t forget – you will get real CD which you can than easily convert to whatever digital format you want.
    So, Apple: if you sell loose quality files, make it cheaper. Also songs should be DRM free and accessible to buy/download from Web. And maybe than there will be a reason to buy some music from you.

  5. FataL:
    * First of all, according to what’s been said, the files will have higher quality than 128kbps. Moreover, I believe Apple will/should be offering in a format that can tap into the 86% of the market they’re not reaching, mainly no-name players and phones – this means MP3.
    * The album price on iTunes is $9.99, not the number of songs multiplied by the individual song price.