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In an attempt to make the subscription options for this site a bit easier to understand, and as the early start of a major revamping of this site, I am starting by making one small change: There will no longer be a separate summaries feed, just a full-text feed. If you desire just summaries, please choose a newsreader that lets you choose whether you want to see the summaries or the full text. Thank you.
So, any of my readers still subscribed to my summaries feed, should change their subscription address to “http://virtuelvis.com/feeds/fulltext”:http://virtuelvis.com/feeds/fulltext — you will already have been automatically and permanently redirected by the time you read this, but I still encourage you to change the address, as that’s the best guarantee you have against future problems.
On my original list of feeds to consolidate into the main feed was also the “feed”:http://virtuelvis.com/feeds/bookmarks for my “bookmarks”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/bookmarks/ – but before doing this, I guess I should ask my readers: Do you want this consolidated, and have the occasional post of links rolled into the main feed?

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  1. algkalv

     /  2007-03-26

    I’d rather you monochromed your design first :/