Soliciting public feedback from me

Lately, my inbox has started to fill with requests for me making public feedback on Web 2.0 and mobile services. Whether this is a function of what I write on this blog, if it is a function of the readership of this blog, where I work or something entirely else, I have one simple response:
I will not pursue or even evaluate services and businesses when people solicit feedback from me, nor will I give any plugs on any service. If someone has something interesting they think I should see, that is in direct relation to something I’ve written before, meaning it has to reference one or more specific entries on this blog, I may take a look at the service, but I more often than not will likely choose _not_ to write about it.
That was my guarantee, the one that never went public. The one I just made public has one addition: Under any circumstance, I will not look at, evaluate, endorse or mention any services that exist on the .mobi TLD. I believe .mobi to be directly harmful to device interoperability, further it is directly harmful to an open and unified web, and if I was dictator of the Internet, I would wipe .mobi off the map, along with a few of the other new TLDs. For the sake of the FSM, the .xxx TLD makes about a million times more sense than the walled-garden web of .mobi.
It is a direct result of me being in a particular good mood that I don’t disclose the name of the company of the last mail with such an ‘offer’ I got today, that was written in _Comic Sans_ nontheless. I’m not suspective to be a promo engine for anyone, I think .mobi should die, and everytime you use Comic Sans, god kills a kitten.
Thank you for listening.


  1. Arve can you please push this incredible image manipulation suite?
    This one saved me from hours and hours with headacd working on making cool logos using the Gimp


     /  2007-02-11

    XXX domain does not make any more sense, as it would have been direct instrument in the elimination of pr0n on the net; a great tool in the hands of the Religious.
    Speaking of religion, which god did you mean, by the way? Sauron the Great will suffer no rival!