Doctor Who (Spoiler warning)

If you are a Doctor Who fan, and don’t watch the series on BBC, you might just want to stop reading now. Unless you like having part of your TV experience spoiled that is.

At the end of the episode “The Age of Steel”: — when Mickey has decided to remain in the parallel universe, he talks to his new partner about blowing up the next Cyborg factory, possibly in Paris, his new sidekick asks him if they’re going to do it in a van.
And, in what _must_ be a tribute to the “Dalek Song”: Mickey wants to save the universe in a “Big Yellow Truck”:

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  1. I believe Mickey’s line was actually ‘I once saved the universe in a big yellow truck’ (emphasis mine). It was Mickey that drove the truck in The Parting of the Ways episode, which I assume is what his line refers to.
    The Dalek Song is cool though, I hadn’t seen that.

  2. Shoot. You’re right.
    I still got to plug the Dalek song …