Opera Mini goes Worldwide

Our offices has had posters saying OM(Opera Mini) goes WW(Worldwide) with a date below for quite some time now. The date below that quote was 2006-01-24, which incidentally is today. Yes, “Opera Mini”:http://www.opera.com/products/mobile/operamini/campaign/ is now available for worldwide download.
* Opera Mini is a real Web browser, so no need to access specially crafted WAP crap.
* Opera Mini works on the vast majority of J2ME capable phones. Today this covers almost any phone sold.
* It is extremely bandwith-friendly, as it uses a proxy to convert web pages into OBML(Opera Binary Markup Language) and compress images: My experience is that it typically reduces the amount of transfered data by anything from 50-90%.
* The user interface is very fast and slick, even on relatively low-end devices.
* It renders web sites beautifully: You’ll never have to scroll horizontally, you’ll never have to put up with not being able to read content because of microfonts
* Read the “press release”:http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2006/01/24/
* Download it by pointing your Wap browser to “mini.opera.com”:http://mini.opera.com, or follow “these instructions”:http://www.opera.com/products/mobile/operamini/phones/
* Alternatively, check the “SMS codes guide”:http://www.opera.com/products/mobile/operamini/sms/ if you want an SMS with the correct URL for your country.
* Use it. Love it. Opera Mini is a product I’m extremely enthusiastic about, as I now have the web available to me anywhere, anytime, and in the way I prefer.
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  1. Man, am I one year early? Isn’t it 2006? (and also: “Opera Mini is a real web browser”)
    More seriously, is there a way to test it on a desktop PC?

  2. Sébastien: Heh, I think I’m one year late … and it seems to be typo day today, so I’ve always fixed the other error.
    As for testing it on a Desktop PC: Unfortunately, no. I’d recommend just downloading and testing it on your phone. It is actually every bit as slick as I’m saying.

  3. I’ve been using Opera Mini for sometime, and it is so much better than the Browser that came with my phone, It’s fast and setting up my bookmarks was easy.
    I would like to see quick searches and tabs added though, but I’m a power user who wants everything! 😛

  4. Hi Arve,
    That’s fantastic news to see it go public. I’m a big fan of Mini. Whilst the Sony Ericsson K750i browser doesn’t seem bad, Mini is just better.
    Regarding the desktop testing: It would be rather beneficial to be able to test on the desktop (mobile data rates being what they are). How much of an overlap is there between Opera Mini’s rendering and the View:SmallScreen mode in the desktop Opera Browser?
    Actually, perhaps the more important question is: What are the differences between Opera Mini and desktop Opera’s View:SmallScreen? Would it be possible to have some documentation produced to that effect?
    Thanks, and congrats to all of you at Opera on the release. You’re doing good work.

  5. Phil

     /  2006-01-25

    Commenting from my K750i with Opera Mini. Awesome! Only problem is the quote marks in the first comment not being recognised. Otherwise, rendering is similar to desk-top Opera in small screen mode. Very nice.

  6. Ben: If the purpose is about seeing how web pages render; The best approximation is to turn on both Small-Screen Rendering and “Fit to Window Width”, and keep the following in mind:
    * Opera Mini renders text with one font size only.
    * Form controls, like @input@, @textarea@ and @select@ are always 100% wide.

  7. Phil, Sébastien, and everyone who wants to test how Opera mini works from a desktop: We now have the “Opera Mini simulator”:http://www.opera.com/products/mobile/operamini/demo.dml that renders _exactly_ what you will see on a handset.