Movable Type turns four

The first blogging software I touched was “Movable Type”: My introduction to blogging was through Movable Type. First, I started blogging in a Norwegian (now defunct) MT-driven community blog named “Liksom”:*/

Since then, I started my own Norwegian blog “antibiomatika”: — and I enjoyed Movable Type so much I installed it there as well, and in “January 2003”: I started this blog.
All were running on MT, because MT for me has been something that has “just worked”.
In fact, I think Movable Type has served me so well that when I started “”: the natural choice was MT, even though I wanted to do something not very blog-like with that site. MT takes care of simple revisioning, managing user scripts, the administrative interface. In short, everything.
I have met people I loved, and love through MT. It has had a role in getting me jobs. From blogs I’ve discovered through my own, I have learned a lot. I’ve made money off it. I’m making money off it, and I will continue to make money off it.
Movable Type is, like “Opera”: fundamentally _good_ software. It _just works._
So, this is my little “thank you” to Ben and Mena. It is my “thank you” to the entire Movable Type crew, from engineers to support. It is my “thank you” to the entire MT community.

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  1. I’ll drink to that, MT is excellent software. Warms my heart to see that you also support Textile in the box where I’m writing this very comment. Long live MT!