Site updates

All of the feeds on are now Atom 1.0. In addition, the blog is no longer named “Virtuelvis”, but “Arve Bersvendsen”.

Canvas: Mandelbrot

In the first of my series of postings about the canvas element: A mandelbrot generator that allows you to save the generated image

Merlin: The Opera magician

Opera 9.0, codenamed Merlin has been released as a forum/newsgroup preview. It has a lot of new features, even more fixes, and something for the Standards Aware Cutting Edge designers.

DreamHost: Get a $79 discount

DreamHost discount offering from Use the “dirtcheap” promo code and get a $79 one-time discount on 1- and 2-year plans from DreamHost

Movable Type turns four

My little ode and thank you to Ben, Mena and the rest of the Movable Type crew on Movable Type’s fourth birthday.