The Opera 10 year anniversary

On Friday, “Opera Software ASA”: celebrated *10 years* as a company. Over the course of 10 years, Opera has changed from being an obscure research project into being an innovative browser implemented on many operating systems and platforms, from desktop to cellphones. This had to be celebrated in style.

All employees were, quite literally, shipped off to a restaurant in Høvik, just outside Oslo, where we had dinner and drinks.
The celebration was in style, with speeches from both “Jon S. von Tetzchner”: and a very enthusiastic CTO, “Håkon Wium Lie”: Opera, having been the underdog of the browser business, is a company that pessimists have frequently made doomsday predictions for us. Yet, “we thrive and innovate:”:
h3. Swimming and skinny dipping
When Håkon gave his speech, he challenged Jon, and the rest of us to go for a midnight “swim”: No, Jon didn’t swim to the USA this time either, but at least he didn’t have to “save our PR Manager”:
So, “quite”: “a”: “few”: of “us”: (add 15-20 people or so) followed the great example set by Jon and Håkon, and dived in. Someone even went “skinny dipping”:
“Gerður”: has also written about “the celebration”: and even has a picture of “midnight swimmers”:
It’s now only 3650 days until the 20-year anniversary. I’m quite confident we “will be around”:

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  1. Hmm, what happened to the years that last 366 days? But yeah, it was great fun!

  2. Nothing happened to them, it’s just that the anniversary was so much fun that Sunday technically had arrived until I was able to post about it.

  3. There are two intervening years lasting 366 days (2008 and 2012), subtracting one (two) days. It might be a tad early to plan the 20 years celebrations though. Maybe next week.