I love DreamHost

And so should you.
I’ve been quite busy during the last week, but logged briefly into my control panel at “DreamHost”:http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?73901 to change some settings, and I was greeted by this announcement:
bq.. Hello REALLY Happy DreamHost Customers!
This is a big one. Starting today, we’re the only web host in the world (as far as we know, and we didn’t check) that automatically GROWS every shared customer’s disk and bandwidth quotas every week!
That’s right, every week from now on your quotas will be increased by this much per active shared hosting plan:
L1: 20MB disk and 1GB bandwidth each week!
L2: 40MB disk and 1.5GB bandwidth each week!
L3: 60MB disk and 2GB bandwidth each week!
L4: 80MB disk and 2.5GB bandwidth each week!
We also went back just now and retroactively upped everybody’s disk and bandwidth based on this for how long you’ve ALREADY been with us (up to 52 weeks worth). So if you go check your disk and bandwidth limits at the web panel you should see they’re BIG BIG BIGGER!
The Happy DreamHost More-Is-Always-Better Team!
p. This means I now have 9180MB disk space, and 266GB transfer/month, for which I’m paying $15.95/month. If you are looking for hosting check them out. My experience with them is “all good”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2005/02/dh-review
*Update:* I am offering a $79 discount with the “‘dirtcheap’ promo code”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2005/10/dreamhost-discount. Get yours!
*Update:* The diskspace and growth rates are now even better. Diskspace starts at 200GB, with 2TB monthly transfer

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  1. That just sounds far to good to be true? What are the downsides to this hosting?

  2. If there is a downside, I haven’t found it:
    * Their support department is very responsive, and they provide technical support based on your level of expertise.
    * They implement new features based on user requests; which means you can have PHP5 or Ruby on Rails if you need that.
    * They have easy (one-click) setup of some commonly used webapps like WordPress.
    The only “problem” is the one shared by any shared hosting service: If you have _very_ CPU intensive applications, they might request you to move to dedicated hosting. However: I serve a couple of million hits every month, and run enough cron jobs to keep this and other sites in tip-top shape, and I’m nowhere near hitting DreamHosts CPU usage limit (Users can monitor CPU usage themselves, btw).
    Another good thing: I receive $97 affiliate income from DreamHost for every paying customer that signs up through me. This affiliate program is open to anyone with a DreamHost WebID. My initial hosting costs were covered after a few months on DreamHost.

  3. Fig

     /  2005-07-16

    I have to agree with you, Arve. I’ve only been a happy Dreamhost customer since January (in fact, I registered with them after the discussion on this very blog) but am very happy indeed. 2880MB disk space, 144GB bandwidth every month and all the goodies you could ask for, for only $9.95 p/m. They also do a lot of good work for charidy!