Free, at last: Ubuntu Linux

After having spent the better part of an evening sorting out problems with Windows Update — my Windows 2000 installation apparently hadn’t autoupdated itself since sometime in May, I decided enough was enough: I installed “Ubuntu”: — and I’m happy with it.
When will you switch?

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  1. For my professional computer I still run Windows XP, since my company requires it. On my personal computers, however, I’ve run Ubuntu for about six months, and I’m very satisfied with it. Also, my girlfriend runs Ubuntu ever since her Windows XP installation crashed some months ago. She’s very happy with it, even though Gnome is a bit different from both KDE and Windows.
    I’m actually surprised by how easy both setup and installation of new hardware is, comparing to what I’ve expected. I also like that the desktop version comes fully installed with OpenOffice, Firefox, Evolution and other applications that might come in handy.
    Ubuntu is truly a step towards Linux being a serious desktop alternative.

  2. ‘When will you switch?’
    On Tuesday.

  3. I ran Ubuntu for a while on my laptop, but struggled with resolution issues. Running the live disk on my desktop machine was great, but I am still trying to come to grips with the Linux software for web dev. N|vu is nice, and GIMP is “ok”, but if I can get Wine or something to emulate the environment for the sake of Photoshop and Fireworks, I’ll be a pig in sh1t. Also many many many gigs to back up before making the switch.
    Hats off to Mark Shuttleworth (I live in the area that he grew up in).