Waiting for Cousteau

… or “Waiting for UserJS.org”:http://userjs.org/
Well, UserJS.org is actually mostly ready for release, and will be revealed to the general public _real soon now_ (there are still a few rough edges that need to be sorted out). If you want to be notified when UserJS.org goes live, you can “subscribe”:http://userjs.org/subscribe/news to the site news already (Newsfeed in Atom Format), and receive news when the site officially opens.
One of the things UserJS.org will always need, is user-submitted scripts, and you can start submitting these scripts already.

h3. How to submit your scripts
Submitting a script for inclusion on UserJS.org is easy: While still in the beta stage, all you have to do is send your script to “submit@userjs.org”:http://userjs.org/ct/userjs/org/submit with the following information:
# An author or company name.
# A valid contact e-mail address.
** UserJS.org will keep your e-mail address private. If you want your address published, you will need to state so explicitly. UserJS.org values spam-free inboxes.
# (optionally) an URL you want associated with you/the script.
# A description of the script:
** The title of the script.
** What does the script do?
** If the script is site-specific, which sites is it active on?
** Does it interact with third-party services. If so:
*** When does it interact with third-party services?
*** Why does it interact with these services?
*** Link(s) to the relevant privacy policies of the sites being contacted.
** (Basic) user documentation.
# A license statement. Choosing a well-established license scheme is encouraged. Script authors are also free to put their scripts into the public domain, if they so wish.
# A statement that you have a right to submit the script for inclusion on UserJS.org. If you are porting or adapting existing scripts by other authors, a reference to the original script, its author, and its license is needed.
# A statement where you grant UserJS.org the right to:
** republish the script on UserJS.org
** alter the script prior to publication.
# An attachment containing the script.
# If your script works with Greasemonkey without modification, we’d be glad to know that too.
These instructions might seem a bit verbose, but they are necessary, and scripts missing any of this information will not be accepted for inclusion. On the UserJS.org roadmap is a web application, that will ensure that all of this information is
h4. Copyright
Unless a script author explicitly places his/her script in the public domain, the copyright and ownership of the script itself will remain with the script author.
h4. UserJS.org rights
When a User JavaScript is submitted for inclusion, UserJS.org reserves the right to:
# Refuse to publish the script. This will mostly happen if the script:
** is of poor quality
** code is obfuscated
** is considered spyware, malware or fraudulent
** is misleading about what it does
** is in violation of copyright law
# Alter the script prior to publication. This mostly happens if the script:
** has easily correctable bugs
** has code of poor quality
** needs to be formatted for readability
** can be improved
# Require the script creator to alter the script prior to publication. This will mostly happen for the exact same reasons as in the two previous points.

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  1. sc

     /  2005-05-12

    From userjs.org:
    “We are currently hard at work making UserJS.org the best possible repository of User JavaScript for Opera. We are in the process of straightening out a few rough edges, and will be ready for launch real soon now.”
    My question: who is “we”? 🙂

  2. If I made a large script I would appreciate it if point 3 of “Userjs rights” kicked in before point 2 🙂
    Great initiative!

  3. Toman: That’s an individual judgement made for every script: If any of the userjs.org script reviewers notice that a script can be fixed easily, it’s faster for us to do so than to send it back to the author.
    I do however suspect that point 3 will take place more often than point 2. Those of us who review these scripts are doing so on our spare time.