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  1. Congratulations!!! :beer: :beer: :beer:

  2. GeekK

     /  2005-05-22

    Thank you, fabulous!!
    Looks excellent. AutoResizer rocks.

  3. Laurent

     /  2005-05-22

    Great work Arve. I have already downloaded and installed a few of your scripts.
    Question/request: would it be possible to have the Google Suggest script to work for other Google TLDs (I’m in .ca by default)? At least, how should I modify it?
    Other suggestion: a way for users to discuss the scripts.
    Encore bravo!

  4. bq. Question/request: would it be possible to have the Google Suggest script to work for other Google TLDs (I’m in .ca by default)? At least, how should I modify it?
    I have already made the neccessary modification to enable suggest on all Google domains.
    As for the discussion feature: Yes, some form of user feedback mechanism is planned, but it’s not yet decided on how this feature should be implemented: Whether we want a forum, or just plain weblog comments.

  5. Whoo! That’s looking nice, thumbs up from here!

  6. ghola

     /  2005-05-23

    Rock on!

  7. NoSanninWa

     /  2005-05-24

    I hope you’ll get the bug reporting feature up and running. Unfortunately I found a bug. Autosizer didn’t work for me until I installed Image preloader. After I tried deleting the Image preloader, Autosizer stopped working again.
    I’m very glad to have both scripts installed, but this is still a bug.
    Aside from that I can only say BRAVO! The site is well organized and already contains a few scripts that I am extremely glad to improve Opera with.

  8. NoSanninWa, try modifying the @[User Prefs]@ section of your opera6.ini as the “installation instructions”: suggests:
    bc. [User Prefs]
    Always Load User JavaScript=1
    The reason is that unless you enable this feature, Opera may have problems running your scripts on pages where there are no scripts running.

  9. NoSanninWa

     /  2005-05-24

    I appreciate the advice, but I have already done that. It did not have any effect on that situation. It isn’t crucial that anyone help me, I just wanted to report my experience.

  10. I really like it, and i have already fetched a few scripts from that site by now.
    However, I never found a search function. I believe that will be quite useful when the site gets older and grows larger. Just a basic search function would be enough – no advanced stuff needed.

  11. Google does the job well. 🙂

  12. NoSanninWa: I was able to reproduce your behavior after some effort, and I’ve committed a bugfix, so you should now be able to use autosizer.

  13. Lia

     /  2005-05-29

    i can’t make IMDB image deblocker work (still ‘mptv1.gif’ on right click). Otherwise, Autosizer is a great tool. Keep up the good work

  14. jebro

     /  2005-05-30

    re: IMDb Image DeBlocker
    This appears to be an Opera bug. Even though the script doesn’t end in user.js, Opera’s still applying GreaseMonkey style rules and following the @include directives. Opera currently only uses the last @include so the script only runs on not on or any of its subdomains.
    If you delete the two include directives, the script should run as expected on any site.

  15. jebro

     /  2005-05-30

    After reviewing Opera’s user js guide I see that they intentionally follow // ==UserScript== directives even in non-GM mode, so there’s only one Opera bug — applying only the last include. This bug is well known and I’m sure Opera devs will get it fixed in a coming release.
    Arve, is there some reason to universally have both an include and a conditional block based on something like window.location.hostname?

  16. Lia

     /  2005-05-30

    re: re: IMDb Image DeBlocker
    thanx jebro. it works great now

  17. janusz

     /  2005-05-30

    I saw your imagepreloader.js script on
    Could your IMAGEPRELOADER.JS be modified to work with other page titles?
    Or even have it “valid” only for certain sites?
    I am a teacher and our university uses WebCT for online instruction ( All main pages of the course sites have several pages with many images and something like this could just help pages load faster (I think).
    Each of the web pages have the following:
    I know absolutely nothing about javascript, but could the script be made to work by modifying it from . . .
    if (document.title.indexOf(“Index of”) != -1 ) {
    to . .
    if (document.title.WebCT(“WebCT”) != -1 ) {

  18. N

     /  2005-08-25

    Will there be a forum for chatting and script request?

  19. Kai

     /  2005-08-27

    Oh men this website is very useful some amazing scripts that make Opera even faster hats off!
    Please keep it up!!!