User JavaScript: Clickable links in plaintext files

Looks like I might be releasing scripts every once in a while until I’m ready to launch
This User JavaScript for “Opera 8”: should make http/https/ftp URLs in plain text documents clickable.
“Linkify text files”: can be downloaded from the “User JavaScript resource”:

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  1. Kildor

     /  2005-04-27

    If I have a user js, may I send it to you, to place it at your site?
    (script adds a panel with HTML tags to textareas in, to easy writing and formating.
    And of course it can be placed everywhere, to easy editing…

  2. Kildor: Thanks for your submission, I will keep a note of it until “”: goes live. When that site is ready, there will be a facility for script authors to submit their scripts for inclusion. See “this post”: for more information.

  3. Hi Arve
    This small script really is a gem. Have found that it’s useful to do the same when viewing other _pure_ text files as well. I’ve tweaked the script to trigger on Style Sheets (.css), JavaScript (.js) and log files (.log) in addition to txt files. For one or another reason these are file types I regularly view and benefit from having URI’s linked. It’s easily expanded by adding other file endings to the RegEx as well…
    If you’d like to include it in the hosted script, simply swap the first (code) line for this;

    if (window.location.href.match(/^.*\.(css|js|log|txt)$/i)) {