Opera 8

“Opera 8”:http://my.opera.com/virtuelvis/affiliate/ has been “released”:http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2005/04/19/ for Windows and Linux (Mac users will have to wait a bit longer)
After seeing Opera’s new mascot, a square-jawed, “superhero” “hitch-hiking in the wrong direction”:http://www.opera.com/img/products/desktop/super8.jpg, I was really, really tempted to change the title of this post to “Opera 8, the browser for not-so-super superheros”, but I will refrain. Especially since this version is the best Opera version ever. And since Opera has a super license giveaway
h3. Free Opera licenses
Opera is giving away free licenses to people who “help spread Opera”:http://my.opera.com/community/gfx/banners/. That’s right, you can get a free license for an ad-free Opera, provided you do the following:
# Register an account at the “My Opera Community”:http://my.opera.com/
# Create an affiliate link on your blog or web site. Your link should be to http://my.opera.com/username/affiliate/ (substitute username for your My Opera username, replacing any spaces in your username with +). You can use either a text link, or one of the supplied banners.
# Get fifty people to download Opera
Opera keeps “track of referrals”:http://my.opera.com/community/affiliates/ so it’s also a good opportunity for you to get some return visits from the My Opera community.
h3. New features
Opera 8 has a number of new features, and they have gone to great lengths to improve other features. These are the ones I enjoy the most.
* User JavaScript. If you would like to extend a particular web site, or you would like to fix another, User JavaScript is for you. “The tutorial”:http://www.opera.com/support/tutorials/userjs/ should explain it all. This is a biggie. In fact, it’s so big that I registered “userjs.org”:http://userjs.org/ where I will be hosting a number of scripts that have gone through basic QA.
* Interface clean up: Don’t use mail? Well, you won’t see it. If you don’t use IRC, you won’t see any chat stuff. Create a mail account and Opera adds the appropriate panel and menu. The same goes for newsfeeds.
* Better newsfeed support: Opera now support both Atom and RSS feeds, and has autodetection with a “RSS” button visible in your address bar.
* Fit to Width: If a website insists on being wider than your viewport, FtW is a lifesaver: Activate it, and the horizontal scrollbar vanishes.
* Voice: You can both control Opera by talking to your browser, have webpages read out loud, and interact with X+V applications
* SVG Tiny support: Graphics that scales without flaws to the size you have selected.
h3. Changes from earlier versions
* “Opera: Opera 8.0 changelog”:http://www.opera.com/windows/changelogs/800/
* “Opera: Changelogs from Opera 8 beta 3”:http://www.opera.com/windows/changelogs/800/sincebeta.dml
* “Lars Kleinschmidt: new customization stuff in Opera 8 Final compared to 7.54”:http://my.opera.com/larskl/journal/41
Opera has again changed what you should expect from a web browser: In my opinion, Opera 8 is by far the smoothest browser ride you can get. “Download Opera 8 now”:http://my.opera.com/virtuelvis/affiliate/

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  1. Opera 8

    Opera 8 er endelig offisielt sluppet, og gir bort gratis lisenser til de som hjelper til med å spre Opera.

  2. Opera 8.0

    Today Opera 8.0 was released for Windows and Linux. Arve Bersvendsen has a good run-down of the new stuff in Opera 8.

  3. Chris Hester

     /  2005-04-19

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m finding new things all the time – like the improved Print Preview! Or the Web Developer-style ‘Reload from Cache’ option. (View Source of a page, edit it, click save, then Reload from Cache to see the changes!)
    The ‘Fit to Width’ is a killer. It was buggy in the betas, but now seems radically improved. You can actually take a page of any width and keep making the window smaller, and the content resizes to stay visible! OK, so the layout gets messed up, but the text remains readable, at least on the sites I’ve checked so far. It also paves the way for handheld devices to render a huge number of existing sites, without having to write a separate stylesheet for them. (Let’s face it, most sites won’t bother, so something like Opera’s approach is needed.) Fantastic!
    Now to study user JavaScript and see what that can do!