This is too good not to be shared with the world:
“Flashmute”:http://www.indev.no/?p=projects#flashmute is a small application that resides in the systray on Windows systems, and will disable or enable sound output globally from Flash movies.
I’m also designating the author, “Einar Otto Stangvik”:http://www.indev.no/?p=about as tech hero of the month. I hate noise coming from my browser. Die Jamba/Jamster, die!
h3. New: Version 2.0
* Sound is easily muted/unmuted using Ctrl-Alt-M.
* You can now right-click the tray icon to enable/disable the hotkey. In disabled mode, the tray icon will have to be pressed for muting to be toggled.
* FlashMute 2 also has an option to mute a browser totally, so it can silence embedded MIDI and similar annoyances.
* Visit the “FlashMute project page”:http://www.indev.no/?p=projects#FlashMute to download

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  1. Dagen da Internett ble et bedre sted

    Flashmute er en liten applikasjon som får Flashannonser til å holde kjeft.

  2. “Flashmute doesn’t always seem to replace the npswf32.dll in both browsers’ plugin directories.”
    Replace? with what?
    I don’t see details of the implementation on the “Projects” page there… have you seen this info in the executable download?
    Is it giving a preferred sound source (audio player, eg) absolute control over the system soundmixer, or is it doing something exclusively with the Macromedia Flash Player?
    John Dowdell
    Macromedia Support

  3. John, I tried mailing back to the e-mail address you provided, but it didn’t seem to work: Do you think you could drop me a mail; arve.bersvendsen at gmail.com

  4. I use that “supportinfo@macromedia.com” for mandatory fields to advise that I cannot sustainably maintain offlist conversation.
    Would it be possible just to say what it actually does…?
    tx, jd/mm

  5. That’s quite straightforward: This version replaces npswf32.dll and Flash.ocx with patched versions.
    I have been in direct contact with the author, and if this absolutely makes Macromedia/Adobe choke, I will pull it, until he can actually release a version that does not alter these files.
    I do however, as I wrote in the e-mail I tried to send to the supportinfo address [1], hope that Macromedia can be a bit cool about this; because Flash has become totally unusable for many people since audio ads became popular, and the only alternative to using Flashmute is actually uninstalling Flash.
    [1] I didn’t notice that it was a “non-working” address until after I had sent the mail, since I just hit reply in MTs notification e-mail.

  6. You know, I have “known” John for a good number of years, and while I have noticed that e-mails to supportinfo@macromedia.com goes unanswered, I have never known that it was indeed an invalid address left behind to show that he can’t be reached.
    John, I would suggest using .invalid at the end of the e-mail so that everyone, easily, can understand its a none working address.

  7. Jarle, the address is not actually technically invalid, it just has an autoresponder attached to it.
    As for adding .invalid – that is not an option, because IIRC, that will make Movable Type deny the comment.
    If people commenting here absolutely doesn’t want to be contacted, I suggest using an example.com e-mail address.

  8. *gasp* You Can Mute Sound From Flash?!?!? – Proclaiming that You *Hate* Standards

    I’ve just been reading a couple of posts by Virtuelvis. Apparently there’s an app that runs in the background that can make sure you never have to endure the shocking terror that is flash-embedded-music. I honestly tend to jump whenever…

  9. Shut up flash ads

    If there is anything more evil and annoying than Flash advertising with sound, I just don’t want to know what it is.

  10. ghghjd

     /  2005-08-31

    u should get a nobel prize for this flashmute app

  11. Does anyone know if there will be a version of Flash Mute that works with Flash8?

  12. I’ve finally gotten around to making a new version. Flash player version does not matter anymore, as theres no patching involved, browser support is way better, and there are also a couple of new features. Check http://www.indev.no for details

  13. jam

     /  2006-02-13

    Einar Otto Stangvik is an absolute star. I installed flashmute, and discovered that it didn’t work with mozilla. I emailed him to ask if it could be added to the next update, and he emailed me back within minutes with a registry patch to make it work! Top bloke.

  14. andreas e

     /  2006-02-26

    top guy!!!!
    finally THOSE DAMN SITES ARE QUIET!! I’m not visually impaired and do not need a “blingggg” or “klonkk” every time I click on some link, so infinite thanks!

  15. woot

     /  2006-03-14

    Thank you so much for this product!
    I have being playin a flash game all day and I hit level 80 and I needed to stop playing and watch a movie on my computer, but I couldn’t get it to stop playin it’s sh*tty music in the background, and then FlashMute saved the day.

  16. I was excited to see someone came up with a way to silence those annoying sounds, but does it work with Macs?
    “Flash has become totally unusable for many people since audio ads became popular.” — I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing worse than trying to do work, or listen to your music and then all of a sudden having some obnoxious noise forced upon you. I work at home sometimes and these sites wake up my baby, not to mention scare the sh*t out of me, so I’ve resorted to not going to any unfamiliar sites or closing the brower page as soon as I see it’s Flash. I’m developing Flash-fobia!

  17. Mary, unfortunately, this application is Windows only. Einar: Do this for Linux and Apple, and you’ll probably receive a Nobel award 🙂
    Mary: Your best option is probably just installing Opera, and disabling plugins altogether until you need them. Try “F12”