Stuff I had promised myself not to do, but heck …

No. I’m not going to do memes, neither will I post cat pictures, but I will post one more search result. But only because I’m still laughing so hard I’m having trouble sitting.
I’m experimenting with monitoring searches live[1] using a wee bit PHP and XMLHTTPRequest, and while doing so found this in my Norwegian blog (translated):
* “buy anal sex or apple power mac g5”
fn1. I might release some code later this week, but only if someone actually says they really, really want this. I’m not likely to use it myself, since it has the potential to eat incredible amounts of both bandwith and CPU power.

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  1. I don’t really really want this. But it sounds really interesting and I wouldn’t mind seeing the code that drives something like that.

  2. Elf

     /  2005-03-07

    What excactly is your problem with memes? Just curious.

  3. It’s really quite simple: Memes are essentially reposting of the same entry in different weblogs, with different authors, and with only slight variation in actual content.
    I subscribe to a lot of feeds (100+), and if any of these feeds were posting memes, I would quickly see these feeds as a waste of time, and unsubscribe.
    Having said that, people are free to post them, if _their_ audience wants to read them. I just won’t be among that audience.

  4. Elf

     /  2005-03-08

    I knew your answer would make sense. That’s why I asked.

  5. I wonder if the searcher found what (s)he was looking for.