Google Maps find Weapons of Mass Destruction

I just _love_ “Google maps”: It allows you to locate all sorts of stuff.

Google finds what neither the US nor the UN inspectors couldn’t: “Weapons of Mass Destruction:”:
Google Maps finds Weapons of Mass Destruction
And in “Redmond, WA.”: No surprise where:
WMDs in Redmond, Washington
Not only do they find these weapons, they will also find an evil genius for you:
Google Maps finds Evil Genius in Garreston, SD
If you share my distaste for spammers, Google Maps helps you “locate them”: as well:
You want to knock on a spammer's door? Google Maps again
(I’ve found several other, but they’re not too family friendly, so I’ll refrain from publishing them)

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  1. TreeGo

     /  2005-02-09

    Do I detect an anti-USA bias here?

  2. No

  3. Truely amazing. Not just that you found the weapons of mass destruction, but Google Maps itself is a good piece of work. Wonder when we will see it in an European version? It’s a little late, but did you know that you can find Saddam Hussein there as well? And Al Qaeda? Or how about secret iraqi chemical weapons? I could really learn to love this! (BTW: Thought you used Opera?)

  4. I do indeed use Opera. Just not for Google Maps, since Google Maps uses XSLT — something I’m not too fond of, since it causes accessibility problems.

  5. Curiously, the Delaware Indian Tribal Headquarters houses not only “Weapons of mass destruction” but also “My Two Front Teeth”: as well.

  6. There’s more stuff to be found. I was reminded of a 1982 “movie with Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds”:
    Guess what. “Google Maps found that too”:

  7. Ghola

     /  2005-02-10

    I’m sorry to intrude, I just love the Opera Theme of your Firefox. Or I am totally mistaken?
    Is this theme available anywhere? I would love that look for my Firefox. I’m really hesitating between Firefox and Opera and I’ve gotten used to the Opera 7.x interface.
    So please mail me if you have the time.

  8. TreeGo says:
    bq. Do I detect an anti-USA bias here?
    “Osama is a democrat”: — Note item C.

  9. I found the Opera skin “on this page”:

  10. Arve – what accessibility problems does XSLT have?

  11. What he means is that Google Maps doesn’t support Opera.

  12. Robin, let me clarify: I’m not against XSLT as such. XSLT on the server can be used to create rich content pages with remarkable ease. The entire problem is that it is used _client_ side, because it locks users into using the service with a very few select applications.
    Let me provide an example: The raw XML output of the driving directions “from Tekamah, NE to Beverly Hills, 90210”:
    You can argue all you want that this is only meant for machine parsing, but how can you accomodate someone who uses a (console based) screen reader, and just wants to get at the actual driving direction?

  13. Fair point. I use XSLT server-side to accomplish what I need, never really considered using it client-side. It’s an interesting point though, maybe Google is CPU bound?

  14. ghola

     /  2005-02-10

    Thank you Arve!
    It’s a great site too.

  15. ML

     /  2006-03-23

    I just tried “weapons of mass destruction” on Google maps and it pulled up ‘A: National Geographic Channel’ and ‘B: White House’.
    … so that’s why they couldn’t find ’em! They were in George’s basement all along! LOL!