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From now on, my full-text newsfeeds may from time to time contain advertisements. They will all be inobtrusive one-paragraph (mostly one-line, actually) advertisements, at the bottom of a feed entry.

No, I’m not planning on ultra-commercializing this place. Most likely, these ads won’t even appear on every post. They will appear whenever I want them there, and they won’t be run by a third-party, rather by me. I want to decide exactly what goes there and not.
h3. Why?
I have since long realised that people use, and reuse newsfeeds. Even though I do claim copyright on my own writings, I won’t pretend that I have the slightest bit of control over _where my content appears._
Even if I had the means to exercise such control, I probably wouldn’t. I’m not the freakin’ RIAA or MPAA.
I just want people to enjoy my content, whichever way they please, from wherever they please, and have an opportunity to give something back, even if they don’t choose to visit my web site on a regular basis.
h3. “I don’t want to see your ads”
I can’t say I understand you, if you are that offended by a one-paragraph signature ad. I won’t be running noisy or blinking flash ads. I won’t even be running image ads. Apart from a border above and below the ad, to clearly separate it from the rest of the content, the ad won’t be anything but plain text.
But hey, if you dislike it that much, you should really, really get a newsreader with CSS capabilities, and add the following to your persistent user style sheet:
bc. .feed-ad { display: none; }
_Boom. Ad begone._
h3. Why aren’t you running ads from a network?
Some may ask why I simply don’t use BlogAds. I think I’ve already answered this, but I’ll repeat: I want to exercise full control over what goes there or not. Also: I want to be able to use the space for my own purposes, whether that is linking to “Amnesty International”:http://www.amnesty.org/ or “My linkblog archives”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/bookmarks/index
h3. I want to advertise
Sure. The space is for sale. Just “contact me”:http://virtuelvis.com/help/contact.html, and we’ll work out the details. But you can spare yourself the work if your advertisements fit one of the following categories:
* Gambling
* Pornography
* Pharmaceuticals
* Religion
* Any get-rich-quick scheme
* Network/Multi Level Marketing
This list is not exhaustive, but you get the idea.
h3. Technical implementation
Right now, there isn’t much of one. It consists of a few hacks added to my templates, and some extra data stuffed into the keywords field in Movable Type. However, if this experiment is successful, I may very well write a plugin to automate some of the work.
h3. Update
Consider this experiment ended. While it might have earned me a few hundred bucks, after reading “Phil Ringnalda”:http://philringnalda.com/blog/2005/02/monetizing_your_remaining_rss_subscribers.php I realised that this experiment is double-plus ungood for this targeted site.

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