Badly malformed

I went to a club last night. Normally, I don’t go to clubs, because I don’t usually like the music. Nor do I like the crowd.
But, seeing as I was going with an old friend who I’ve had too little opportunity to see for the last few years, I went anyway.

h3. Smell
Since June 1. 2004, Norway has had a ban on smoking, in restaurants, pubs, clubs or similar. This is, in effect, a total ban on indoor smoking in public places.
Mostly, this is a good thing, since smoking is not at all healthy. Neither is passive smoking. I have friends that, for the first time in their life are able to go to clubs, and not have hyperallergic reactions.
The smoking ban has it’s downside though: *The stale stench of urine(!), bad perfume, sour sweat and alcohol.* Not at all pleasant, and in some respects I think I prefered the old smell.
h3. Hair
I really knew this beforehand, but I had probably not really wanted to realise it: The eighties are back. Girls in their early twenties all had haircuts that made them look like Soviet hockey players from the 1980s. I think I’m becoming old.
h3. Where I grew up
The club we went to is located in the Grenland area, which is on the coastline of Telemark, Norway.
I don’t know why, but the drinking and clubbing culture here is somewhat peculiar. To the extent that all pubs eventually turn in to clubs, and vice versa. An “Irish” pub playing Eric Prydz’ “Call on me” isn’t Irish. Nor do I think it’s a pub. Especially if they don’t serve Guinness. So, going to a pub instead of a club wouldn’t have made of a difference: People get obnoxiously drunk wherever they are, and they have no idea of how to behave.
I don’t particularily enjoy having drunk, smelly girls grab my private parts to get a feel. I prefer girls with brains and social skills.
h3. Badly malformed
This is not an “Every exit”: post, but I think it’s time for me to find a new hobby. Preferably one that doesn’t involve angle brackets. Or computers. Or electricity.
There was a projector running various visualizations in the club, quite similar to what Winamp produces.
One of these visualizations featured HTML documents rotated in 3d, flying around. My thoughts when I saw this was Wow. This HTML is crappy:
* It’s malformed.
* It’s purely presentational.
* It looks about as bad as what you see from the typical Radio-driven weblog.
In my mind, I started trying to build parse trees, to see how this crap would look. At that time, I found it was time to go find a beer instead.

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  1. Who the hell comes up with the idea to make a visualization of three dimentional HTML documents? Did it look cool in any way, disregarding the bad markup?

  2. Drink more! When you get to the point where you don’t give a dang about the potentially irritating situations you encounter and greet obnoxiously drunk people with a smile and two thumbs up, that’s when you’re ready to meet the Norwegian public on a Saturday night. :p

  3. That wasn’t a Longhorn preview was it?

  4. Wow, I can relate, I’m in Ireland. The one other odour now pervading our smoke free clubs is, er, methane based. Having a good chunk of the population drink stout before clubbing isn’t the best idea in the world!
    As for getting groped by girls, I’d be kinda flattered really 😉
    The best video I ever saw in a club is in a night out called Freakscene. They put a “Fishscene” poster behind a fishtank, and a camera in front, and just broadcast the fish floating around. At a certain point in the night, it can become a bit mesmerising!

  5. Believe me. Getting groped by someone who has trouble walking straight isn’t too pleasant. You’ll never know what she’ll rip, either by accident or insult.

  6. bq. Did it look cool in any way, disregarding the bad markup?
    In the same way a thirteen-a-dozen demoscene demo looks cool, perhaps. For someone who hasn’t seen a million demos, that might indeed be cool or even mesmerizing. Personally, I ended up analyzing the content.
    There _was_ an inane amount of @@, @@ and @

    @. Not a @style@ attribute in sight. I’m pretty sure that If I had gotten the beginning of this, I wouldn’t have found a DTD, or it would have been HTML 3.2.