Asbestos blogging and plain stupidity

I don’t know how much Michael Buffington made from his little automated asbestos blog stunt, and frankly I don’t really care to know, but after reading comments on “Slashdot”: I presume he is well paid for this stunt.
What I would like to know just why so many people took the bait, with hook, line and sinker? Face it: The asbestos blog is the most successful troll in recorded Internet history (which is why I’m not even linking to it). You’re all so gullible.

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  1. I don’t agree with having ads in blogs, but there are a few sites they have reached a size where the hosting costs start to mount and might warrent having them (sykzyx gets lots of traffic because of his ie exes).
    Sites like this asbestos one, aren’t really blogs anymore they are online resources and when you think about it, just links and summarys no real content just like web portals of the old days and do provide a service, although in this case i think he is just in it for the money.
    How do you dislike the asbestos site so much and read slashdot, which is just in it for the ad revenue as well?

  2. I am not against ad revenue at all. Neither am I against bloggers making a few bucks off their own sites.
    I am not neccessarily even against aggregated content blogs, if they add value to the Internet and serve a purpose.
    The problem here is that Michael Buffington blogged about his plan to make money of “Asbestos News”, with content mostly lifted from Google news, _and that a lot of people took the bait._

  3. Alot of people took the bait because they like to see lawyer losing abit of money for once.
    Hopefully this guys site will stay active and people will find it usefull in the future, but i doubt it.