All style and no substance

I am officially suffering from bloggers block, and I feel the urge to write about it…

For those of you that caught the early edition, allow me to elaborate. And for those of you reading this entry for the first time, allow me to elaborate.
When I first started doing this blog “a little over two years ago”:, I had not imagined that I would have several thousand visits every day. Neither had I imagined that I would be making money from this site. I had not anticipated that people would feel the need to refresh my feeds every five minutes.
And neither did I think I would ever feel obligated to write. Not only write whatever fell into my mind, but write what posterity should consider quality content.
But I do feel obligated to write, and to write more than what falls into my mind at any given moment. And to provide quality content. Content that’s better than what you write in five minutes before going to deal with real life. Content that is more than filler content.
Some time ago, I wrote a piece on what makes me “read a weblog”: Particularily, I wrote:
bq.. Yes, a blog is personal, and one is entitled to write whatever one wants there, but writing when you really have nothing to say increases the chance of people missing the interesting entries because they simply disappear in the noise.
It’s better to write something sensible once a week than posting daily about your rat’s droppings.
p. And so, meet the “Bloggers Block”. Over the last month or so, I feel that the quality of what I have written has changed distinctly: Entries are shorter. They require less thought, both to read, and to write. And they don’t represent the quality I feel obligated to deliver. They are the proverbial rat’s droppings. My entries for the last month have been lightweight filler content.
And, since my writing haven’t met my own standards, I think it’s time for me to take a step back, out the door, and into real life.
There is real life out there. I spend time in it, but less than I would like.
* I have living-room walls to paint.
* There are old friends to meet, and new ones to make.
* I play far too little backgammon. I need to organize a backgammon club where I live. I want to do Thorpe, Kleinmann and pip counts in my head, instead of asking my backgammon program about them. And I want to play it with some of those old friends.
* I need to take up my martial arts practice again. I deeply regret stopping short of the black belt. I want that black belt. There is pain ahead, and I’m looking forward to it. Also with some of those old friends.
* I need a break from tags, elements, CSS properties, Movable Type templates. I am unable to say anything useful about any of these issues, even though have opinions. Again: Meet “Bloggers block”.
Does this mean that this blog is dead? No. Does it mean that I won’t be writing for some time? Perhaps. _If_ I sit down in front of a computer, I might occasionally post something to my “linkblog”:
What is certain though, is that I’ll refrain from blogging stuff like “disturbing searches”: — which was an all-time-low. Even for me. The logical next step after that would have been cat pictures or memes. And I know I’d rather have my nails pulled before doing that.

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  1. It would be a great loss IMHO if you stop blogging. I really hope you will have time and creativity to continue blogging good articles.

  2. Oh no, I’m not going to abandon this blog at all – I’m just suggesting that I might not write for some time, and that I’ll refrain from posting when I have nothing to say.

  3. Hey, how did you get the flashing cursor at the end of the post description? I only just noticed that! It doesn’t work without CSS, and if I copy the text, I just get a question mark.

  4. The flashing cursor:
    bc. ▏

  5. Amazing. You’ve actually found a valid use for blink! Very clever, I thought it had to be an animated gif.

  6. The cursor is inspired by “Programmers block”:, so the idea isn’t all mine, I’m afraid.

  7. Take a break, Arve. It’s well deserved. I’ll be looking forward to when your fingers and mind are itching to write and express themselves again.