Stop using Internet Explorer! Now!

Secunia is, again, reporting “multiple vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer”:
*Now* is the time to get rid of Internet Explorer. It is a product which is defective and insecure by design. It is a _dangerous product._

“Julien McArdle”: has an “example exploit”:
Julien’s example exploit is quite innocent, in the sense that it “only” creates an empty directory on your C:\ drive.
These vulnerabilites could just as easily have been used to:
* Destroy your Windows Installation
* Make you into a spamming relay
* Turn your computer into someone else’s remote storage for all kinds of illegal material, be it pornography (of the _really_ bad kind) or plans for terrorist attacks.
* Send all your mail and personal data to the Russian mafia. Or worse.
Oh, and by the way, don’t think you’re safe by not running your user with administrative privileges:
! (27% of known security issues in Windows XP Pro are unpatched!
Many of the “open security holes in Windows XP”: are critical, and allow privilege escalation.
So, I’m saying this once more: *Use another browser!* Download and install either of the following browsers:

h3. How can site owners help?
If you are a site owner, and you wish to help your users, you can display a notice to your users, encouraging them to upgrade, similar to “what is being done here”: Feel free to use my redirect links, so I can keep a track of how many people are interested in downloading these alternative browsers.

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