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As part of the ongoing redesign, and pending move of hosting services to “DreamHost”:,[1] I have upgraded to Movable Type π. This involves some practical changes

I have installed Brad Choate’s excellent “MT-DSBL”: which means you won’t be able to comment if you’re connecting through a known open proxy.
h3. MT-Blacklist
Upgrading to π also involved upgrading MT-Blacklist. Finally it’s auto-updating and integrated with the main MT interface.
h3. User-friendly URIs
Ok, this change hasn’t happened yet, but I do plan on providing user-friendly URIs, instead of the awkward and crufty numeric URIs I currently have.
_If you are ever going to change your hosting provider, or move your MT installation, you should *always* change to a URI format that makes the numeric ID of your entries irrelevant._ You really don’t want to create manual redirections for 500+ entries, and put it in your .htaccess. You really, really want to do this by creating an index template instead.
h3. Plugins
I am going to create a PHP/Smarty version of my “Switch plugin”: Personally, I am probably going to stick to static pages, but I realise that other people may want a PHP version.
Sidenote: Switch works great in MT π
h3. Fixing visuals
This probably won’t happen until after I have moved to Dreamhost.
h3. Upgraders: Beware
When upgrading to MT π there is one thing you absolutely need to check, and if you’re running on BerkeleyDB this is infinetly important:
Make sure that you don’t have any templates whose title start with _. If you do, Movable Type will throw an error when you try going to the template screen:
bq. maketext doesn’t know how to say: _Feeds: Atom 0.3 as needed at /home/virtuelv/www/cgi-bin/lib/ line 1120
fn1. Btw, you should really, really check out the DreamHost hosting plans — with 7.5GB space and 192GB/mo transfer for as little as $15.95/month the “Code Monster” plan must be the bargain of the year.

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  1. If you are a dbsl/blacklist user you may want to take a look at “mt-proxyplug”:

  2. I would be SOOOO curious to know how your move to Dreamhost went, as I am in the process of doing the exact same thing (in fact, I signed up for the same plan you mentioned. It’ll cost me $7 less per month than my current host and give me nearly three times as much web space and NINE TIMES as much bandwidth!)