If you can read this …

… the transfer to “DreamHost”:http://www.dreamhost.com/rewards.cgi?arvebe will have been successful. Moving from one server to another, and trying to make the transfer seamless has been quite an experience.

During this transfer, I have learned the following:
* BerkeleyDB sucks:
** I tried copying the BerkeleyDB files from my old to my new host, running mt-db2sql.com. No success. The tables were created, but were empty.
** I tried dumping the DB on my old host’s SSL. No success, no db_dump
** Running db_upgrade locally on the downloaded is not a recipe for success.
* “TypeMover”:http://www.zonageek.com/software/mt/typemover/index.php is a nice idea, albeit somwehat poorly executed:
** It refused to import any of my weblogs: It just froze when I started installing. I assume something failed during import, but telling what is impossible, since it doesn’t log into any error log, be it MT’s own, or the Apache error log.
** Converting any ISO-8859-1 character outside the US-ASCII range into HTML entities, is _not_ the same as converting to UTF-8. That is converting to US-ASCII. The output might be UTF-8-safe, but I’d rather not have my documents polluted with ==å == and similar characters.
** The idea, though, is really, really nice: I would very much like this to be integrated into Movable Type: A big red button for importing your old weblogs.
* MySQL on the other hand is really, really nice. Dumping the database, and then just reinserting it on the new host is a breeze.
* The end result: I actually have to use Movable Type’s export function and set up all the templates again for one of my weblogs. A bit cumbersome, but workable.
* Changing to “user friendly URIs”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2005/01/decrufting _before_ switching hosts is a lifesaver.
Other observations:
* DreamHost offers _easy_ WordPress installs: Just a few clicks via the administration interface.
* The WP interface is still as exceedingly ugly as it was when it was named b2. It reminds me of Mac, back when the Mac had 128k RAM and a _tiny_ black and white display.
* For some reason not at all understandable, the UTCDate plugin I started using when I first created an Atom feed stopped working when I moved. Not a big problem, though — it was a matter of changing eight lines in two templates.
* Finally having your Movable Type installs merged down to one single installation is quite nice: One login to rule them all, One configuration to find them, One blacklist to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

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  1. Congratulations on the move out of Norway 😉
    Seems like there is a lot of stuff to watch out for when moving blogs from one hosting company to another. Personally I did the same thing not so long ago, being able to just move the database from MySQL from one server to the next made it all a breeze. But I can see how many got’chas you have had to endure.

  2. I notice that search is offline (this is because all the MT scripts are now hosted on a different server.
    I will bring it back online ASAP.

  3. Everything seems to work fine, except that my RSS reader gave me a third copy of all of your posts, thinking that everything was new once again. But I can live with that as long as you’re not planning to move hosting services all that often 🙂

  4. Peter: That is actually rather independent of the host move. I fixed a couple of errors in the feeds, so they changed.
    Why you have _three_ copies of every message is a mystery to me though. I have only changed the feed once.