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Moving servers doesn’t neccessarily mean moving feeds, but I did so anyway, mainly to get rid of the .xml extensions. If your newsreader software is anywhere near sane, you shouldn’t really have noticed, since permanent redirects for the old feed URIs are in place.
Here are the new addresses – with direct subscription links for “Bloglines”:http://www.bloglines.com/ users:


h3. Important notice
All of the feeds that used to be described here has moved to other permanent addresses, this document is only around for historical reasons. All old links have been removed. Please consult the “subscription page”:http://virtuelvis.com/help/xml.html for correct subscription addresses.

h3. Excerpts only feeds
* RSS 1.0 excerpts – Used to reside at http://www.virtuelvis.com/feeds/index.rdf
* RSS 2.0 excerpts – Used to reside at http://www.virtuelvis.com/feeds/index.xml
* Subscribe directly to the excerpt feed in Bloglines
h3. Full-text feeds
* RSS 2.0 full-text – Used to reside at http://www.virtuelvis.com/feeds/rss20full.xml
* Atom 0.3 full-text – Used to reside at http://www.virtuelvis.com/feeds/atom.xml
* Subscribe to the “full-text feed in Bloglines”:http://www.bloglines.com/sub?url=http://virtuelvis.com/feeds/atom
h3. Bookmarks sideblog feeds
* RSS 2.0 bookmarks – Used to reside at http://www.virtuelvis.com/feeds/onroll.xml
* Atom 0.3 bookmarks – used to reside at http://www.virtuelvis.com/feeds/atomroll.xml
* Subscribe to the “bookmarks sideblog in Bloglines”:http://www.bloglines.com/sub?url=http://virtuelvis.com/feeds/bmatom
h3. Comments feed
* RSS 2.0 comment feed – Used to reside at http://www.virtuelvis.com/feeds/comments.xml
* Subscribe to the comments feed in Bloglines

h3. Which feed?
If your aggregator supports “Atom”:http://www.atomenabled.org/ you are *strongly* encouraged to use these. The RSS 1.0 and 2.0 feeds are legacy feeds, and new, planned feed features, such as related and via, *will only be added to the Atom feeds.*
h3. Future: Content negotiation
As you can see, I have a plethora of feeds, and I may add more and I plan on consolidating the public feed addresses. This means that, at some point in the future, the feeds will be consolidated into just a few URIs. What I have in mind is this:
* /feeds/excerpts
* /feeds/full
* /feeds/bookmarks
* /feeds/comments (Yes, this has already moved for the last time, really)
My intention is using “Apache’s content negotiation features”:http://httpd.apache.org/docs/content-negotiation.html to serve the proper feed to the client. Which means that if your aggregator says it prefers application/atom+xml, it will get Atom feeds. If it says it prefers application/rss+xml, it will get RSS, and so on.
If you are the author of an aggregator, you’d better start sending appropriate Accept: headers with your HTTP requests, unless you want to force your customers to get the deprecated RSS 2.0 documents.

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  1. One of your links is broken. The last “RSS 2.0” link. By the way, it is quite harmful to have the same link text on a page pointing to different files without having a TITLE attribute for the links.
    Also, I guess you always want to have absolute URIs for a single format. As in /feeds/comments.rss and /feeds/comments.atom.
    You might want to use RSS 0,9x instead of the other versions as well.

  2. Anne: Thanks for notifying me — fixed and fixed. I am aware of the accessibility problem with different links having the same link text, and should have known better. I guess I’m going to have to find another input method (than Textile[1] 2), which makes creating link titles easier.
    Indeed, I will keep some form of absolute URI for explicitly selecting a format, if one so wishes.
    As for RSS versions: There is some pragmatism mixed with politics: My RSS 2.0 feeds work reasonably well in current RSS readers, and I don’t want to endorse RSS by actually doing work with them.
    fn1. I am also seeing some other issues with Textile which really wants to make me switch — I’ll write something about it later. Keywords: Escaping and entities.

  3. The comment feed gives me a 404.

  4. Well, not anymore, of course. Refresh is luxury! :-\