Dear Tafjord Mimer customer at

Dear User.
I most certainly hope you enjoy and appreciate my blog. I enjoy having readers as well.
However, I feel I need to take up one matter with you:
On average, the feed you are subscribed to, the full-text RSS feed, is updated at most once a day. *You have set your RSS-reader, which is Opera 7.54 on Linux, to check my feed _once every minute._ I find this creepy, to state it mildly.* I don’t know your motivation for fetching my feed this often. I doubt that you spend 24 hours a day in front of your computer, eagerly awaiting my latest writings. If you do, I honestly feel sorry for you.
If you have some weird crush on me that requires you to read what I write the minute it’s released, then you have a problem, that you _seriously need to see a psychiatrist about._ If you, on the other hand, don’t have this crush on me, could you please change your subscription settings?
Open your Mail panel, locate my newsfeed. Right-click on my feed. Set Update to Every hour. If you also changed your subscription address to, that would also make me happy.
You see, there are several hundred individual computers that fetch my newsfeeds every day. If every single one of them were doing what you are doing, I would run out of available bandwith much faster than I would like.
If you choose not to comply with the instruction given in this letter, I will be forced to obtain a HTTP-level restraining order on you. Which means you won’t be able to read my content whatsoever. Your choice. Note that if it becomes neccessary to block you, I might also make a polite phone call to your ISP, Tafjord Mimer, and ask them to have a conversation with you about basic Internet Etiquette.
To everyone else who is subscribed to my feed, I am going to list what I consider to be sensible minimal intervals for fetching my feeds:
* For the main content feeds: *1 hour.* This goes for both the full-text and excerpt feeds.
* Other feeds: *Every thirty minutes.*

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  1. And if you use a service like “Bloglines”: as I do, you will share a «feed-fetch» with lots of other subscribers. Easy for me, and light on your server.

  2. I’ve seen Opera 7.54 do this as well, it seems to have a bug that sometimes causes it to reload a RSS feed every minute while it’s active. Sometimes even without sending a If-Modified-Since.
    I have noticed that if I temporarily block it and feed that IP a 403 (Forbidden), it will calm down and go back to fetching the blog at the actual interval configured by the user.
    As far as I know, the current Opera 8 beta does not have this problem.

  3. Peter: Thanks. I’ve now 403’d that IP address, and I’ll try unblocking it tomorrow to see if it changes for the better. The person at that address is not likely to miss anything.

  4. Mimer AS are a useless…
    ANyone who orders from them needs their head examining…
    We had our order confirmed by e-mail… we called them to absolutely confirm as having no broadband when we move is not on, their customer service constantly rang out ending with a message, leave a message and we’ll call you back… they never did… not once.
    ANyway when I rang just after and pressed sales we got an answer and again they confirmed our order…
    Interesting they have people to sell you their product, but no one to answer customer service calls once they have you as a customer…
    Finally a week or two later we got a mail saying they have an issue with the order because the phone is currently in someone selses name. This is of course standard when you buy a house, the phone goes into the new owners name only when the old owners move out.
    We showed that we bought the house, they next day they cancelled our order saying we should contact them AFTER we move and AFTER Bluecom have installed thier line…
    How moronic can they be?? They want us to pay for Bluecom so we can cancel bluecom aftewr the expense of putting them in and then we have the extra expense of getting in…
    Their headache has only just started, this info is going on many web sites…
    I hope anyway I haven let a few people who may be considering using them not to bother.