Opera 7.50: News aggregation done right

I have mentioned earlier somewhere that Opera 7.50 preview 3 has got the right idea about autodetection of newsfeeds. It’s really super-simple: find the link to the feed you want to subscribe to, click, and Opera subscribes you.
Since a few frames of animation probably is worth a thousand words in this respect, I have prepared a small Flash movie to show just how little work it is. See for yourself how easy it is to “subscribe to newsfeeds in Opera”:http://virtuelvis.com/download/173/opera.html.

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  1. treego

     /  2004-03-12

    Too bad it does not work as advertised here a good percentage of the time. Opera is fun to use, despite some rough edges, yet.

  2. That is why this is a technical preview, and not a final version. 🙂