If the world could decide

This is just out of curiousity, and I’m not even pretending this has any sort of scientific validity. Still:
If you live outside the U.S, could you spend a few minutes taking “this test”:http://www.presidentmatch.com/Guide.jsp2 to determine which American candidate you would want to see in office, and report back the following in a comment here (one on each line):
* Your country of origin.
* Your ‘favourite’ candidate. Last name only.
* The candidate you’d least like to see. Last name only.
You are encouraged to comment anonymously, just fill in anon, anon@anon.com and leave the URL blank.

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  1. Your country of origin.
    Your ‘favourite’ candidate.
    The candidate you’d least like to see.

    That’s the result of the test. I find it consistently funny that an Iraq-aggression-opposing environment-aware libertarian gets classified as a Democrat, which, translated into European reality, means – a socialist.

    For me, it’s a hoot.


  2. *Your country of origin:*
    *Your ‘favourite’ candidate:*
    Kucinich. According to the test, that is.
    *The candidate you’d least like to see:*
    Bush – again, according to the test.
    Looks to me like the test was’t all that off, after all 😉

  3. Hvem blir president?

    Nå kan du «stemme» i det amerikanske valget du, også. Eller, selvfølgelig kan du ikke det, …

  4. anon

     /  2004-02-10

    Like Lasse: Norway, Kucinich, Bush – except that the Bush part is according to me as well as the test 😉

  5. Jor

     /  2004-02-10

    Your country of origin.
    the Netherlands
    Your ‘favourite’ candidate.
    Sharpton — according to the test anyway
    The candidate you’d least like to see.
    Dean — according to the test anyway
    In reality my political stance is ‘anything but Bush’.

  6. Elf

     /  2004-02-10

    *Country:* Norway
    *Favourite:* Kucinich
    *Least favourite:* Bush

  7. Anon

     /  2004-02-10

    Country: Netherlands
    Favorite candidate: Kucinich
    Least favorite candidate: Bush
    Ho hum… problem was that many of the issues you’re asked to take a stance on, are not entirely clear to me, especially the finer points of economics and health care, so the “social” issues got relatively more extreme answers from me and hence the poll was a bit biased. The second question got me trying to figure out what the heck “partial birth abortion” is. Finding out what it is, was quite unnerving. Despite good reasons why this might be medically necessary, it’s not something that you would want performed in cases where there is no acute physical/medical need.

  8. Partial birth abortion is an abortion in the second or third trimester of the pregnancy.

  9. anon

     /  2004-02-10

    Country: Norway
    Favourite: Sharpton
    Least favourite: Bush

  10. Geir

     /  2004-02-10

    Country: Norway
    Favourite (test): Kucinich (100%)!
    Favourite (other): Sharpton (96%)
    Least fav (test): Bush (12%)
    Least fav (other): Bush
    Other signifies my personal opinion. Test results included for reference.

  11. anon

     /  2004-02-10

    Country: Norway
    Favourite: Kucinich – 100% match
    Least favourite: Bush – 2% match

  12. Country: Bulgaria
    Favorite: Kerry (100%)
    Least favorite: Bush (47%)

  13. Morten Hanssen

     /  2004-02-11

    Your country of origin: Norway.
    Your ‘favourite’ candidate: Kucinich.
    The candidate you’d least like to see: Bush.

  14. Country: Norway
    Favourite: Kucinich
    Least favourite: Take a wild guess 😉
    BTW: I was most surprised by finding Sharpton as a strong second runner up. If I allowed to vote I am sure I would have voted for one of the democratic favourites, or Clark 🙂

  15. Arwen

     /  2004-02-11

    Originally from: Canada
    Now living in: Germany
    My Valentine: Kucinich
    Obviously, there’s only one possible…

  16. Norway, Kucinich (100%), Bush (12%).

  17. kyle

     /  2004-02-11

    Country: Canada
    Favourite: Kucinich (100%)
    Least favourite: Bush

  18. Norway, Kucinich (100%), Bush (11%).

  19. anon

     /  2004-02-12

    Kucinich: 100%
    Bush: 7%

  20. anon

     /  2004-02-12

    Kucinich: 100%
    Bush: 6%

  21. Cafe

     /  2004-02-12

    Origin : France
    Favourite : Kucinich (100%)
    Least : Bush (4%)

  22. *Country of origin:* Sweden
    *”Favourite” candidate:* Sharpton (100%)
    *Least favourite candidate:* Bush
    What I can’t figure is how Bush managed to score 79%

  23. Tankeexperiment

    Arve Bersvendsen tries to figure out who the world wants to see as US president.

  24. anon

     /  2004-02-13

    Kucinich: 100%
    Bush: 39%

  25. Anders Carlsson

     /  2004-02-13

    Kerry (100%)
    Bush (27%)

  26. brett

     /  2004-02-14

    United Kingdom
    Sharpton Score: 100%
    Bush Score: 32%

  27. anon

     /  2004-02-14

    Kucinich: 100%
    Sharpton: 96%
    Kerry: 93%

    Bush: 7%

  28. anon

     /  2004-02-15

    I hope this reads as “anybody but Bush would be a great deal better; but any of the candidates would still leave a great deal of room for improvement.
    If you want to know how big a bully the US is, live next to it.

  29. ina

     /  2004-02-15

    Yes: Kucinich (100%)
    NFW: Bush (6%)

  30. I have deleted a comment from this entry, in case the original author of that comment misses it. The comment I deleted is on an issue considered controversial in many parts of the world, abortion.
    Still: My deletion of the message had nothing to do with the authors’ views or opinions. Please understand that I have always had, and will always have the practice of removing messages I consider to be off-topic.
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