2003 site summary

2004 is still here. 2003 is not. From my log files, this is what 2003 looked like:

h3. War? Browser War?
On January 20, I declared that there was a “Browser Wars II”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2003/01/browser-wars. Well, not unlike Star Wars II, the war itself was kind of a dud.
It’s not that other rendering engines than Trident, the dated rendering engine for MSIE 6/Windows, haven’t gained momentum. They have, at least from the perspective of these log files. Opera, Gecko and KHTML (Safari) accounted for a total 36.8% of hits for 2003, against Tridents 34.2%.
So, what made Browser Wars a bit of a dud? Because the winner didn’t even participate in the rendering engine contest. The winner is…
h3. The Aggregator
… or rather the aggregators. In the stats, the number of hits for unknown user agents accounted for 23% of hits. Of these 23% unknown browsers, a total of 96.5% were hits on the various XML versions of this site.
The top 3 documents for 2003 were the RSS indexes for the main site, with the “HTML front page”:http://virtuelvis.com/ coming in at fourth.
This is also a development in progress. For the month of December 2003, the top five documents were all various XML documents.
So, the browser war is over. The browser lost.
h3. Searches
There is really “only one search engine”:http://www.google.com/. Google accounted for 88.2% of visitors via search engines. If there were more search engines, “Yahoo!”:http://search.yahoo.com/ would be runner-up, with 7.3% of search engine visitors.
The most popular search term, with a few variations in spelling was “css rounded corners”:http://www.google.com/search?q=css+rounded+corners – looking for “this entry”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2003/08/rounded-corners.
Curiously (or, not really, all things considered) the second most popular search term was for “sex statistics”:http://www.google.com/search?q=sex+statistics – which sent them to my entry on “Sex, statistics and videotape”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2003/07/sex-statistics-videotape.
The most popular search keywords were:
# opera
# css
# rounded
# corners
# png
# javascript
# type
# movable
# transparent
# fead
The search keyphrase vs. search keywords ratio was 2.4 to 1.
h3. Notable HTTP Status codes
In October, “I blocked BigPond customers”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2003/10/blocking-bigpond. After doing so, 41369 403 Forbidden errors has been served. The total number of 403s for the year is 47324.
Incidentally, there has been virtually no referer log spamming after blocking that particular IP range.
As for 404 Not Found, the vast majority of these has been for the non-existent robots.txt, and most of them during the last couple of months by a not-too-well behaved repeat robot offender.

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  1. Arve,
    Doesn’t Yahoo use Google’s services to fetch results? They plan on a change, but to my poor knowledge, they are using Google’s engine now.
    I had a laugh when I read about most popular keywords for your site. I must say that I beat all p**n webmasters trying to outgoogle Google, and had top ranking for many keywords, which for decency’s sake I will not cite here. And all this due to one page with a review of literary short stories by a dead Italian author! Oh, the power of clean, informative markup 🙂